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Start Of Circular Fashion With Rental, Repair, And Repeat:

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Now, you all must be wondering about the exact meaning of circular fashion and why it is in trend nowadays, but before that, you must know the meaning of fast fashion. As we all know, the fashion industry is one of the major polluters of the earth, and one of the main reasons for this pollution is fast fashion. In fast fashion, the products get easily disposed of because they are made under mass production and made of cheap materials, which don’t last long. Now, we have understood the meaning of fast fashion. If we talk about circular fashion, it is the opposite of fast fashion. Circularly, things don’t get disposed of easily. They are made for the purpose of long-term sustainability.

Benefits of Circular Fashion:

  • A more sustainable fashion than the old one which leads to less pollution.
  • Circular fashion will lead to a decreased carbon footprint. 
  • Reduction in the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing the use of new raw materials leads to less population.
  • Circular fashion leads to less use of water and other natural resources than the second one.
  • Contributes to nature empowerment.
  • Support for biodiversity and ecosystem health. 
  • It leads to a zero-waste system, which is good for our environment. 

Rental, Repair and Repeat: 

These 3 R’s are changing the economy and the environment with sustainability factors. Now let us talk about these ones by one and how it works.


Now, if you are a person who likes to change clothes or gets bored with the same designs, then rental is the option for you to choose. You can rent from different online stores that support sustainability. You can change designs monthly if you want to and support the environment with this great support.


After our clothes are worn out, we can’t wear them because of their condition, but there are pieces that we love so much that we can’t let them go. So, if you are facing this issue, then what is the problem? Go for the repair of those clothes and get yourself repaired piece handled by professionals. 


There are programs started by some great sites where you can get your clothes repaired or convert your old piece to a new one, so we are getting a new one by giving a little support to the environment. 

Circular fashion helps us with its great potential to support the economy and environment.

Options to choose from for starting your circular fashion journey:

Some great brands support sustainable fashion and want the best for us and the environment by providing some exceptional, great things. These brands do have some great strategies for saving our environment, and they do it professionally. There are many of them, but we are trying to list some of the best here so that you can decide from them which one you want to go to. So we have selected six of the best we could: Jigsaw, Minimalist, OhSevenDays, Malaika New York, Stella Mc Cartney, and Patagonia. From these six, our two favorites are Jigsaw and Patagonia. Now, you will ask why these two. Well, if you visit their online website, you will get to know why. Otherwise, we have selected one of the best options for you to shop. You can select those two. 

How are these brands doing good for the economy?

Circular fashion is like a betterment to the economy, too. Creating jobs for people to save consumers money is truly good for our economy. Consumers can access and buy the clothes they were unable to buy in the previous business model, but this type of business model gives accessibility to the customers. Adding this new model reduces our dependency on the new material, which is great. Some brands even consider going fully sustainable by the end of their goal years, ultimately creating new job opportunities and growth in this sector with many more benefits. 

Impact of Circular Fashion:

The impact of circular fashion is quite good on many things. If, in one case, our environment is facing the backlash due to this industry, then circular fashion is trying to cope with that fact, and we believe that in the future, new technologies will be introduced that will wholly convert the waste into new fashion pieces. Is that your shoes or bags or clothes? Everything will be made from recycled and eco-friendly raw materials.

Sustainable Raw Material:

Some of the raw material which is organic and eco friendly can be used for the manufacturing of clothes that will not harm the environment, and they are as follows:

Hemp, Cotton, Bamboo, Jute, Soy Silk, Linen, Lynocell. 

These raw materials can be used in manufacturing as they do not cause harm to the environment, which is quite good if you are thinking of going for sustainable clothing. Even the brands mentioned above are using some of these materials.

Leather in the Circular Fashion Industry:

Leather is a material that has one of the most negative impacts on the fashion industry. The waste of leather somehow leads to the overgrowth of plant life in the water, which leads to oxygen depletion and creates suffocation for the animals living inside the water. So, the Circular fashion industry is trying to cope with this by reducing production. 

Alternatives of Leathers that we can use in the Manufacturing Process: 

  • Cactus Leather 
  • Pinatex
  • Waxed Cotton
  • Feather

Need to choose sustainable brands:

This is a serious issue that needs your consideration because if not now, when? The need for choosing these sustainable brands is increasing daily with the increase in danger to the environment. The waste needs to be controlled tightly because if it exceeds the limits, it will be dangerous for all the people or the whole earth. This is our only home, and if we are not thinking about that, then one day, it can lead to mass destruction for us, for which we will be responsible, not others. These little steps can turn the game because it's not like one person thinks that it can change tremendously if the whole community puts in just a little effort. 


Ultimately, we have told you about what circular fashion is, how it works, and how it can ultimately help us. Sticking to these brands can give you different designs and impact the environment, so if you are thinking about going with these brands, you can definitely go. Other than circular fashion, these brands also offer new clothes and use environmentally friendly ways to produce these things, so you can definitely go with these options. So now the choice is completely up to you about which sustainable way you want to go. 

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