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Stunning Occasion Dresses for Summer Weddings

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Summers are already here, and so are weddings. Whenever we talk about summer weddings, they come with floral print vibes and bright hues. But if we talk about wedding dresses, there is a lot of variety that you can go to in summer weddings, and there are many styles that you can try compared to winter weddings. So if we talk about what kind of dresses or styles we can follow, let's dive in to know more so that you can flaunt your summer dress for different weddings this summer season.  


Floral Maxi dress: 

You can select a vibrant summer palette, which will be a beautiful choice for a summer wedding. Look for one with an empire waist or a wrap-style silhouette to flatter your figure. A floral maxi dress is one of the best classical choices for a summer wedding. 


Pastel Midi Dress: 

Other than a floral maxi dress, you can select a pastel midi dress, too. A midi-length dress in a soft pastel shade like mint, lavender, or blush pink is a great option. If you are looking for a dress that is comfortable for dancing, then a pastel midi dress is a perfect choice. A pastel midi dress will give a perfect elegant look for a wedding. 


Embroidered A-Line Dress: 

If you want to add a touch of sophistication, an A-line dress with delicate embroidered detailing will be a perfect choice. This style will look great in lighter fabrics like chiffon or lace. 


One-Shoulder Jumpsuit: 

If you want a modern look or you want to experiment, consider a one-shoulder jumpsuit in a flowing, wide-leg silhouette. This type of jumpsuit offers the polish of a dress with the ease of pants, which is a good thing. 


Beaded Cocktail Dress: 

Another dress that you can consider for the cocktail party is a short cocktail dress with intricate beading or sequins. You can find different styles of this type of dress, such as this style, which has a bodycon or fit-and-flare shape to flatter. 


Satin Slip Dress: 

If you want to go for a minimalist yet elegant look, you can choose a sleek satin slip dress in a jewel-toned color like emerald or ruby and accessorize it with statement jewelry. 


High Low Hem Dress: 

A dress with a high, low hemline shows off your legs while still offering coverage. You can get a fashion-forward touch with the asymmetric hem. You will get a stylish look with this dress so that you can go with this high-low-hem dress, too. 


Shades to Select with these Dresses: 

  • You can opt for this bold and cheerful Shade of bright fuchsia Pink, which will add a pop of color to your wedding palette. it pairs well with other bright tones, and you can contrast beautifully with neutrals.  
  • One shade you can go for at summer weddings is cheerful yellow, which exudes happiness and sunshine. For bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements, yellow is the perfect choice, and even as an accent color in your decor, yellow will display some bright hues. 
  • If we talk about another shade, it can be orange, and orange is warm and inviting. For rustic and modern wedding themes, spunky orange is the right choice. 
  • One of the best classical shades you can opt for is the refreshing light blue, which evokes clear skies and ocean waves. This calming color complements beach or garden weddings; you can pair it with white or gold accents. 


Best Options to Choose From: 

We have told you about some wedding dresses and shades you can wear at your wedding. You can select from plenty of items available online, but there are some sites you can look for that can give you the best variety of stationery from both the quality and price aspects. The sites we can recommend for buying the perfect wedding dress are Vici Collection, Revolve, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, Lulus, and ASOS. These are some of the best sites that can get you some high-quality dresses, and not just from the quality aspect but the price range that you will get there is also good. You can explore these sites to look for options that you may find suitable or fit for summer weddings. Make sure to check these sites so that you can find the best fit to attend a wedding this season. Bright Shades and an elegant look are waiting for you this summer, so make sure to check out all the options you can to find better. 


Personal Recommendation: 

While each of the websites is excellent in its own right, when it comes to our personal favorites, there are two that we appreciate because of their wide selection and excellent quality/price ratio. The websites that are on our favorite list are Vici Collection and ASOS. We love these websites because of what they have to offer. Even between these two websites, the Vici Collection is our favorite since they provide the loveliest and most incredible dresses for summer weddings. If you want to explore the website and its wide selection, you can also look at the list of things they typically sell. The remaining choice is yours regarding which site you want to go with and where you want to get the items to purchase for the next wedding you may have to attend. 



There are plenty of stunning occasion dress options in the upcoming summer wedding season. Floral maxi dresses, pastel midi dresses, embroidered A-line frocks, one-shoulder jumpsuits, beaded cocktail dresses, satin slip dresses, and high-low hem styles all present elegant and fashionable choices. Additionally, vibrant color palettes like fuchsia pink, cheerful yellow, warm orange, and refreshing light blue can elevate any summer wedding attire. When sourcing these stylish pieces, the article recommends exploring websites like Vici Collection, Revolve, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, Lulus, and ASOS, which offer excellent quality and value. Among these, the Vici Collection and ASOS are highlighted as personal favorites, with the Vici Collection being the top pick for its extensive selection of lovely summer wedding dresses. Ultimately, the key is to find a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful, allowing you to celebrate the special occasion in style.

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