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5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Desk with Stationery Supplies

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A decluttered desk or space can give a true motivation to work on your projects or assigned tasks but there are some other things too that you can add on your desk so that it can give a clean and great look. Even in stationery you can find plenty of items & variations. So that totally depends on your interest. What would you like to add on? Even apart from stationery items you can add on things like lamps or some fancy stuff which will help you to focus better. So let's dive in to know about some stationery items which you can collect for your desk.


Acrylic Desk Accessories:

One way to dress up your desk is through the acrylic desk accessories. You can create an elegant open filing system using acrylic desk trays and then you can pair them with stylish foil pen holders for a more efficient look. If you want to make your desk sophisticated than you can follow this way through which things will be within your reach.


Items to keep on your desk space: 

  • Pens and Pencils
  • Sticky Notes and Memo Pads
  • Paper Clips and Binder Clips
  • Business Cards
  • Scissors and Letter Openers
  • USB Drives and Memory Cards
  • Rubber Bands and Erasers
  • Phone or Tablet Stand
  • Notepads and Notebooks
  • Decorative Items


DIY Painted Boxes:

 If you want to combine creativity and also want to organize your items then you can do it by painting wooden boxes and you can use these custom painted boxes so that you can store pens, paperclips or other small items. So it will give you a therapeutic and fun way through which you can declutter your desk. 


Items to keep on your desk space: 

  • Pens and Pencils
  • Markers and Highlighters
  • Store markers, highlighters, and other colorful writing tools in separate compartments
  • Paper Clips and Binder Clips
  • Sticky Notes and Index Cards
  • Rubber Bands and Erasers
  • USB Drives and Memory Cards
  • Small Notebooks or Journals
  • Decorative Paper Clips or Push Pins


80s Inspired Desktop Organizer:

You can embrace bold colors and geometric patterns reminiscent of the 80s and also you can create wooden desk organizers with funky shapes for sorting papers and cards. If you wanna add some personality touch to your workspace then you can do it with this vibrant DIY Project. 


Items to keep on your desk space:

  • Floppy Disk Pen Holder
  • Rubik’s Cube Sticky Notes
  • Cassette Tape Dispenser
  • Neon-Colored Gel Pens
  • Pixel Art Coasters
  • Miniature Boombox Speaker
  • Calculator Watch


Modern Office Desk Organizer:

You can opt for a minimalist and efficient desk organizer which is made from wood and cork and that will help you to keep your workspace tidy. A clean station can allow you to focus better and to be more productive at work. So if you want to have a modern look for your desk then you can go for a modern office desk organizer. With some modern vibes you can achieve a better decluttered space. 


Items to keep on your desk space:

  • Desk Organizers and Pen Holders
  • Docking Stations
  • Cable Organizers
  • Stylish Paperweights
  • Mini Planters for Succulents
  • Sticky Note Dispensers


Wood Drawer Desk Organizer:

If you need to compartmentalize items then you can build a desk drawer organizer which will be there to keep your items in a more organized way. You can go for customizing if your compartment needs to fit your specific needs and to keep everything organized. 


Items to keep on your desk space:

  • Pen Holders and Pencil Cups
  • Sticky Note Dispensers
  • Paper Clips and Binder Clips
  • Business Card Holders
  • Notepads and Notebooks
  • USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards
  • Rubber Bands and Erasers

So these are just some of the ways that you can follow to organize your table and we also listed some of the items that you can keep at your table so that it can look like the perfect aesthetic one which can really uplift your mood to work & be more productive. 


Best Options to Choose From: 

We told you some ways and stationery items that you can use to arrange and keep at your desk. You can select from plenty of items that are available online but there are some sites that  you can look for which can give you the best variety of stationery from both the quality and price aspect. So the sites which we can recommend to buy your stationery from are: Accessorize, Paper Source, Rifle Paper Co, Minted and Pens.Com. These are some of the best sites which can get you some high quality stationery and not just from the quality aspect but the price range that you will get there is also good. So you can explore these sites to look out for the options that you may find suitable or fit for your desk needs. 


Personal Recommendations: 

Although all the sites are best in their own ways, if we talk about our personal favorites, then there are two of them that we liked the most due to the extensive range of variety and the quality or price that they serve is amazing. The sites that we liked the most are: Accessorize and Paper Source. These sites are our favorite due to their offerings. Even from these two sites Accessorize is our favorite due to the cutest and amazing stationery products that they can offer. You can even check from the list of products that they tend to offer so that you can explore the website and their extensive variety. Rest the decision depends on you that you want to go with which site or whose products do you like the most. 



In conclusion, the article presents several creative ways to organize your desk using various stationery supplies. From acrylic desk accessories to DIY painted boxes, 80s-inspired desktop organizers, modern office desk organizers, and wood drawer desk organizers, the article offers a wide range of options to declutter and enhance your workspace. The key is to choose the organizational solutions that best fit your personal style and needs, whether that's elegant and sophisticated, vibrant and retro, or minimalist and efficient. The article also recommends several reputable online retailers, such as Accessorize, Paper Source, Rifle Paper Co., Minted, and Pens.com, where you can find high-quality stationery products at reasonable prices. Among these, the author particularly favors Accessorize and Paper Source for their extensive product offerings and excellent quality-to-price ratio. Ultimately, the goal is to create a streamlined and visually appealing desk setup that not only looks great but also helps you stay organized and focused on your work. By incorporating these stationery-based organizational strategies, you can transform your desk into a productive and inspiring workspace.

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