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How To Host The Ultimate Easter Brunch At Home

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Easter can be counted as one of the biggest holidays for Christians, and you may relate Easter with the eggs if you don't have that much idea about this festival. If we dive deeper into the information about this festival, we can say that Easter is celebrated because, on this auspicious day, Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. If we look at the word “Easter,” t” it “is basically derived from the Old English Word “Eastre” o” and the o “d high German Word “Ostara” w “ich ar” usually referred to pagan Springtime festival. The dates of Easter are determined by the lunar calendar every year and fall between March 22 and April 25. 

Egg Hunts Of The Season: 

Well, this is the season when egg hunting starts. Somehow, we all connect Easter with egg hunting. If you want to know the reason, let's dive into this hunt. Egg Hunting or decorating the eggs during Easter is related to ancient pagan traditions and symbolism related to fertility and new life. Suppose you dive deep into the facts. In that case, there are different stories for how eggs are connected with Easter, and one of them that is considered as a ground is that Christian festivals have pagan roots. Somehow, Easter got combined with the Pagan Celebration of Spring Equinox. The timing of Easter is roughly tied to the equinox. Even in Roman times, you may have heard that the Spring Equinox used to be the start of the year, and for that, colored eggs basically symbolized the beginnings.

Brunch Delicacies And Drinks For Your Ultimate Easter Party: 

Here, we give some savory meals, desserts, or drinks options. You can make a menu out of these items to serve, and they are as follows:

Dishes Options: 

Baked ham, Potato casserole, Salad (various types), Greens (Salad, broccoli, asparagus, etc.), Fruit salad or fruit side dish (Waldorf salad, pineapple casserole, fruit compote), Deviled eggs/egg salad, Stuffed shells, Frittata, Spinach lasagna with white sauce, Roasted carrots with balsamic glaze and blue cheese, Rainbow of steamed vegetables with lemon herb sauce, New potatoes with olive tapenade, Quiche, Carrots, Corn, Roasted turkey breast, Leg of lamb, Whole poached salmon, Potato kugel, Roasted veggies, Cole slaw, Caesar salad, Sweet pepper pesto, Chicken nuggets, Caprese Salad, Pasta dishes, Bagels with various toppings, Breakfast burritos or tacos and Home fries. 


Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Lemon meringue pie, Coconut cake, Easter sugar cookies decorated with icing and sprinkles, Fruit tart with pastry cream, Chocolate nest cupcakes with mini eggs, Strawberry shortcakes, Easter-themed cupcakes or cake pops,

Pastel-colored macarons, Rice Krispie treats shaped like Easter eggs or bunnies, Bagels( different flavors), and Rainbow Cake are also available.


Tea, Coffee, Water, Juice, Mimosas, Champagne, mai tai, Fruited tea, Sweet tea, Lemonade, Soda, Rose wine, Prosecco, Easter punch, Iced tea with lemon and mint, Fresh fruit smoothies or fruit-infused water, Spring cocktails like a lavender gin fizz or strawberry basil mojito, and Hot cocoa or hot apple cider for cooler weather. 

An Exquisite Table Setup For Your Easter Brunch: 

In the upper section, we discussed some of the food items or beverages we can consider for the Easter brunch menu. Apart from good food, paying attention to the table setup for your Easter brunch is very important. So for that, too, we have some basic ideas that you can follow to make better Easter arrangements. 

Champagne Bowl: 

One thing that can add charm to your dinner table is your champagne bowl. Don't forget to add this to your table for a better class and taste. 


We prefer to keep glassware for our home decor; the same can work for your dinner table to decorate and serve. So there are different types of glassware that you can go for. Here are some recommendations: Champagne Flutes, Highball Glasses, Collins Glasses, Mason Jars, Wine Glasses, Rocks Glasses, Tumblers and Pitchers. 

Cutlery Sets: 

Another thing that can enhance your brunch experience is your cutlery sets. You can select from various premium options. In Cutlery, too, various options are available, and you can choose the one that suits and matches your style and theme. 

Table Linen: 

You may need a great tablecloth to give your brunch table a great look. For that, you can go for different options, such as pastel-colored floral prints, Gingham or Checked Patterns, Easter-themed table Runners, White or Cream-Colored linens with colorful accents, Natural or Woven Textures, and Monogrammed Linens. 

Serving Dishes: 

Serving Dishes enhance the look of your table, and in these, too, you can find different options like Easter-themed platters, pastel serving bowls, casserole dishes, cake stands, Muffin Tins or Baskets, Dessert Plates and Dessert Stands, Egg Trays or Deviled Egg plates. 

Dinner Sets: 

One of the most important things to consider when you are hosting an Easter brunch is dinner sets. Some of the styles that you can go for are pastel-colored dinnerware, floral patterns, White Porcelain or Bone China, Bunny or Egg designs, Rustic Stoneware, Vintage or Antique China, etc. 

Decor Items For Your Easter Table: 

Mini Chicks

Bunny Ear Napkins out of Cloth Napkins

Flowers of your choice

Colorful Egg Basket filled with Candies and Chocolates

Scented Fancy Candles

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Best Options To Choose From: 

Well, here in this blog, we told you about some of the menu items that you can choose from, and other than that, we also told you about the decor you can use to decorate your table. Apart from these, we find some of the sites from where you can buy some table pieces for your easter brunch, and these sites are Debenhams, Wayfair, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and World Market. These are some of the sites that you can consider when buying your products. 

Personal Recommendations: 

Of all these sites, two are our favorites due to their premium quality and good prices. The two sites that are our personal favorites from the upper-mentioned list are Debenhams and Pottery Barn. Even from these two, Debenhams is our favorite site due to the wide variety available on their website. Their prices and other factors make this site a perfect option for buying some great tableware. 


In conclusion, Easter is a significant holiday for Christians, symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Easter” or “iginat” is in Old English and Old High German words associated with pagan springtime festivals. Egg hunting and decorating during Easter have ancient origins connected to fertility and new life. To host the ultimate Easter brunch at home, you can curate a menu comprising baked ham, potato casserole, salads, deviled eggs, frittatas, and desserts such as carrot cake and lemon meringue pie. For beverages, options include tea, coffee, mimosas, and spring cocktails. Creating an exquisite table setup adds to the ambiance of your Easter brunch.

You can include a champagne bowl for elegance, select glassware like champagne flutes and wine glasses, choose stylish cutlery sets, and use table linens such as pastel-colored clothes or Easter-themed table runners. Serving dishes, dinner sets, and decorative items like mini chicks, bunny ear napkins, flowers, and colorful egg baskets can further enhance the table decor. You can explore websites such as Debenhams, Wayfair, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and World Market when purchasing the necessary items for your Easter brunch. Debenhams and Pottery Barn are personal recommendations due to their extensive variety, quality, and reasonable prices. You can create a memorable and delightful Easter brunch experience for your loved ones by attending to every detail, from the menu to the table setup.

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