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Switch Your Normal Day To A Glamorous One!

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Are you aware of the power of Makeup? The power here arrows towards the quality and transformation you get from the Makeup. Properly done Makeup can give you drastic changes. For any occasion, you can change your temporary look, but that can be altered as per the demand of the event. When done well, Makeup boosts your confidence and helps hide the blemishes and fine lines that can cause you insecurities and helps it undercover. It is not stagnant; you can do it as per the occasion. A particular makeup is only sometimes right, depending on the occasion. A perfect of everything is essential for a better look with the cheekbones and the slim nose; contouring and angled jawline can be achieved with the perfect contouring. The shade of foundation and the counselor can do magic and blunder, too. For this, choosing the right shade is equally essential for getting that perfect and glammy look. Makeup has the power to transform the look when done well. 

Let's Know The Correct Version Of Doing Makeup.


You can create the beauty you want with Makeup and enhance your curves and beauty with your favorite makeup products. Applying the correct Makeup by following the correct steps and when applied in the right proportion. When you want to have the perfect and stunning makeup look that lasts longer, going step by step can only help you out here. Before all this, you should know what Makeup works best for you and have a picture of the overall look you want for the day. 

What Goes First And Last?


Below are the steps that will guide you on eBay in getting the perfect and stunning makeup look. You can get every Makeup, skincare, and fragrance product with Fenty Beauty, Athleta, Bluemercury, Shop premium outlets, rare beauty, Nars and more.  

Step 1 – Moisturizer

Before you proceed with anything in the Makeup, just after washing the face, you need to moisturize it, which you must choose carefully based on your skin type and the weather conditions. Moisturizers are essential to maintain skin hydration, not letting it dry, and maintaining that glowing and hydrated look. Take the correct amount of moisture into your hands and apple drop by drop on the face, and then go for the gentle rub, starting from the forehead. 

Step 2 – Primer

You must follow the first step to have longer lasting Makeup. Primer gives a good base to the face and lets the proper staying of the foundation and other Makeup. Why is a primer so essential? Primer is a smooth gel with a silky texture, ensuring it covers the pores and lines on the face with its smooth texture. Take some amount of it on your hands and start by taking it drop by drop and covering it all over your face with the droplets of it and then go for the mixing with the help of a brush and sponge. 

Step 3 – Foundation 

Now comes the tune of foundation. What's the challenging part here is to find the right shade of foundation on your skin, which doesn't give that cakey look but rather has a smooth finish. Looking for the right shade of foundation is extremely essential. Foundation makes all the difference. Have you got the perfect foundation match for yourself? If yes, it's great. But if not, just go for the testing, take some amount of it, and apply it on the jawline; this disappears without mixing, and you have the right shade. To apply it, cover the face with a drop of foundation and try to cover every line and crease. You can use your fingers and dab with the sponge to apply it.   

Step 4 – Concealer

Before knowing how to apply it, let's know the types of it. Mainly, these come in tires, which are liquid and stick concealer, and the shades you need to look well. The liquid concealer is best suited for light coverage and when you want to cleverly cover a larger area. On the other hand, the stick compact concealers forge heavy coverage in the small area. If you have darker spots below your eyes, you must go to the Concours to get rid of the dark spots and get that glowing and bright look. Apply it in the area just below the eyes and go for the brush or sponge to mix it well. 

Step 5 – Foundation powder

It's easier to apply the foundation powder after getting the cake look. To apply the same, you first need to take the fluffy brushes that can help apply the light strokes of the powder and cover your face. Give more coverage to the oily areas on the face and give them double strokes than others. Apply the stroke outwardly and sweep it outside against the skin outwardly.

 Step 6 – Blush

Add more colors to the cheeks for a glamorous and stunning look; blushing cheeks applied with the bristles brush can ensure you get the best look with every stroke. You must apply the blush that compliments your skin tone. The most common blushes are pink, peach, and plum blush. Apply it along with your cheekbone, beginning with the ears and ending at the cheeks. 

 Step 7 – Highlighter 

Highlighter is a way to enhance your makeup look and compliment it more. Highlighters look good with a natural makeup look, a light makeup look, and even a bold Makeup look. You can take the perfect one and give you the best look, as these come in liquid, cream, and powder. Figure out the areas of your face that need to be highlighted; it can be on your nose, cheekbones, chin, forehead, eyelids, or upper lips. 

Step 8 – Eyeshadow

It enhances the look with the varied types of shade options. The right way of applying the eyeshades is by sipping it in the shade you wish to have and then tapping the brush to wipe off the excess shade; this will give you the perfect look and now looking over a cake look. For an intense look, mix the shades by wearing the darker shade along with the crease of the eyes just above the eyelids and on the center of the eyes. Apply the different shades and mix both of them. 

Step 9 – Eyeliner

This is now a careful step that requires patience; you need to apply the eyeliner with patience, as one wrong move can make blunders with the eyes. These come in the forms of pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner. The pencil eyeliners are the perfect choice for beginners as there are fewer chances of mishaps. Apply the eyeliner along the lash line and give it a right stroke from start to end without shaking hands.

 Step 10 – Lipstick

Lipstick is a complete game changer; the right lipstick can give you a gorgeous look. Just make sure to check before applying the lipstick or the lipgloss, check that the lips aren't cracked, scrub them to remove the dead skin, and apply the lip gloss. Soften them and then go lipstick. Choose the lipstick color that compliments your skin tone and also depends on what look you wanna create. The natural color, nude shades, and lighter pink and peach shades are best for the natural and simple look. For a bold look, have darker lip shades. 

Step 11 – Setting Spray

If you want your makeup to last longer, a setting spray or setting powder is worth investing in. It is the final touch in the whole makeup routine. You don't need to use your hands for or rub it; just apply it, spray it, and here you are, good to go. 

In The Nutshell 

Here is your complete and perfect makeup look when you follow each step well and follow the use of each product, as mentioned. You can create various types of beauty looks, natural looks, party looks, bold looks, or one small function. Get the best products for yourself with Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Today's shopping choice, MAC, Estee Lauder, and more. Take your look to the next level with the complete Makeup step-by-step guide. 

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