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The Top Lip Shades For A Natural Makeup Look

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Natural makeup is quite a trend, and people prefer this look over the second one. achieving the perfect makeup look is quite a task. On top of it, choosing the perfect shade with that lot adds more to that task. Finding a shade that suits you is quite difficult and can enhance your features. Now, the lip shade that will suit you depends on your skin tone, and it varies from person to person, but there are some lip shades that we will tell you about that can complement your natural look. 

Flex these Shades to enhance your Natural Makeup Look!

Soft Pink

When going for a natural makeup look, one thing you can surely trust is the soft pink shade, which can really complement your natural makeup look. This shade is a delicate look of Pink. Here, you can go for dusty rose, rosy mauve, or other soft pink shades. This shade is perfect if you want to wear it every day and enhance the color of your lips when you feel like that.

Eye Makeup and Blush:

  • You can go for soft pink eyeshadow, or you can go for a light champagne shade for your eyelids
  • In the case of blush, a rosy pink blush can perfectly complement the style.  

Sheer Lip Shades: 

Other options that you can select to pair with your natural makeup look are sheer lip shades. Here, you will get some color but transparent enough for the color of your lips to show through. These shades are truly good for an effortless natural look, and if you are going to your office or somewhere official, then they can really complement your natural makeup look. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • You can use neutral tones like beige, taupe, or light brown for your eye makeup. 
  • With this lip shade, a peachy or coral-colored blush can give a perfect natural look. 

Versatile Nude: 

You can go for nudes, but according to your own skin tone, which will suit you better. You can opt for different variations, such as warm, cool, or neutral. They are perfect to pair with your natural makeup look.

Eye Makeup and Blush:

  • You can go with the warm browns and soft gold for your eye makeup, too. 
  • In case of blush, go with the neutral one.

Rich Browns: 

If you want to add some sophistication to your look, then you can go for rich browns. Going to an official party where red may not be your style, there is no need to worry about the perfect shade when you want to go for a bold and earthy look. If your eye makeup is neutral, then you can go for the shades of brown, and you can even pair it with a natural look in the season of fall, which can be called the season of browns.  

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • For Eye Makeup, you can go for chocolate brown or bronze eyeshadow. You can also apply brown eyeliner to it. 
  • Warm Terracotta Blush can go perfectly for your no-makeup, makeup look.  

Satin Nude: 

Well, if you are confused about whether you want to go for a matte or glossy look, then the option that you can go with is satin nude. We know that we told you that you can go with versatile nudes for your natural makeup look, but this type of nude is the one that you can go with. This shade will show the component of elegance in your style. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • Light Beige or Champagne EyeShadow can look great with the satin nude. 
  • With the Satin Nude Peach or Nude Blush, it can pair perfectly.

Warm Corals:

If we talk about corals, then you can count the pink and orange tones, which can perfectly complement your style with the natural makeup look in the spring and summer seasons. These shades somehow represent bright and sunny vibes, so they are perfect for these seasons, and pairing them with your natural makeup look is quite a good option to consider. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • You can use a coral or peachy shade for your eyelids. 
  • Warm Coral Blush can ace your look for your natural Makeup. 

MLBB(My Lips But Better): 

These lip shades try to enhance the color of your lips by mimicking their natural color. Although these shades may vary from person to person according to their lip colors, you can find shades like rosy browns, soft berries, or muted mauves in MLBs. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • Light Browns or Soft Pinks can really work well in the case of eyeshadow. 
  • You can opt for the neutral or soft blushy for the blush part. 

Earthy Reds: 

In earthy red, you can find brown undertones, which give a less vibrant look than true reds. If you are looking for a muted red lip option, then you can consider this. They can be used for both day and night purposes. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • Burgundy or Rusty brown Eyeshadow can ace the look. 
  • Brick Red Blush can go well together with these shades. 

Pink Lip Stains and Glossy Pink: 

When you opt for the option like a lip stain, then the product is not so heavy in that case and pink lip stains can give a lightweight feel because the product wears off and leaves a stain that somehow tries to go with the shade of your lips and give a natural and flushed appearance. Other than the pink lip stains, you can also go for the glossy Pink, which gives a high shine finish to your lips. If you are looking for the perfect plump in your lips, then go for the glossy pink option. You can wear it alone and layer it over other lip colors. 

Eye Makeup and Blush: 

  • For Lip tint, you can go with a medium pink shade, and in the crease, you can add soft brown. However, in case of glossy pink, you can go with soft pink eyeshadow. 
  • Pink or Peach Blush can go well with this combination. 

Best Options To Choose From: 

Now, as we have stated, some of the shades that can go with your natural makeup look; we also researched the shades where you can get them from and where you can get top-notch quality, too, as the quality should always be high because you have to wear that product on your lips. So, you can go for MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Color Pop. These are some high-quality brands where you will get an extensive range of products. 

Personal Recommendation: 

All the brands are quite good, but there are two that we like the most: MAC Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics. These two are our favorites, but one stands out, and for us, that brand is MAC Cosmetics. This is our favorite due to the extensive variety, quality, offers, and other aspects. You can explore the sites and then check which you like the most and rock your natural makeup look with their fantastic shades. 


In conclusion, choosing the right lip shade is crucial to enhance your features and complement your style when aiming for a natural makeup look. Some top lip shades for a natural makeup look include soft pink, sheer shades, versatile nudes, rich browns, satin nude, warm corals, MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades, earthy reds, and pink lip stains/glossy pinks. These shades provide a range of options to suit different skin tones and preferences. MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and ColourPop offer high-quality lip products with extensive shade ranges. My recommendation favors MAC Cosmetics's variety, quality, and overall appeal. Explore these brands' websites to find your favorite shades and confidently rock your natural makeup look.

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