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Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Protein – MyProtien

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Suggested Title: How To Choose The Best Protein For You

Protein is essential in building muscle mass in individuals. It is present naturally in our bodies. However, getting an extra dose of protein from supplements is always a good option. Protein powder is one of the more easily available and natural protein sources. The powder provides adequate protein that covers a meal.

What Does “Best Protein” Mean?

You will often hear to choose the best protein. Our experts may say that the right protein source is the best option. But how to know which is the best? Well, the effectiveness of the protein depends on the form in which one consumes it.
There are a few factors that determine the effectiveness of the protein powder. The form of the protein determines how well one will digest and absorb it. Most people get their protein from their regular diet. However, the body may not absorb it from the meals.
Therefore, using a protein powder allows easy absorption of the protein into the body. Protein powder has higher protein digestibility and concentration than a regular diet. One can say the best protein allows easy absorption into the body.

High Amino Acid Concentration

Simply put, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are also present in our cells and tissues. The protein powder must have a considerable amount of amino acid concentration to help generate energy and cell performance.
Proteins have various levels and structures of amino acids in them. The body breaks it down into amino acids when one consumes the protein powder. This breakdown allows the cells to absorb the components a lot faster. It also speeds up any regeneration process, whether cell or tissue. The amino acids are part of a chain reaction that aids in individuals' muscle and energy reboot.

Varieties of Amino Acids

Twenty amino acids regulate bodily functions. There are three categories- essential, non-essential, and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). The non-essential amino acids fulfill vital functions. The body can synthesize these amino acids. Therefore, one need not consume anything to get them. Such amino acids are the “non-essential” ones the body synthesizes in abundance.
The “essential” amino acids are the ones the body cannot create on its own. One has to procure such amino acids through food and protein supplements. Last but not least, the BCCAs have a unique chemical structure. They serve as carriers for other amino acids. They provide nutrition to muscles when an individual is on a fast. They are the fuel that boosts the body's functions.

Recognize The Labels on the Protein Powder

When you get the protein powder supplement, it is essential to read through the labels on the product. The brand has details of the concentration of all the elements present in the protein powder. It also has suggestions regarding servings and the quantity one should consume daily.
Upon reading the labels, one can determine how much protein powder they need daily. It also makes them aware of the adequate dose that fits their nutritional needs and goals. People can change the servings and the amount of protein powder depending on their weight and needs.

Protein Powder Gives Added Nutrition

People aged 19 years and over must consume 46 grams of protein for women and 56 grams for men. Some might have diets that fail to meet the protein goals. In such cases, adding a protein powder to the diet is the perfect solution.
Protein powder is the ideal source of energy for athletes. They are a great energy substitute in providing extra power for physically active people. Not just for athletes but also elderly adults and people with chronic ailments, the protein powder gives an adequate concentration of protein intake. It is essential for older people since their body does not synthesize enough proteins.

Choose Either Vegan or Animal-Based Protein Powder

Vegan protein powders are suitable for all body types. It is also safe for people with any underlying health issues. Animal-based proteins are also a great option. However, they might cause some digestive problems in some people. It could also lead to allergies. The body can easily tolerate the natural ingredients in the vegan powder.
People who cannot meet their nutritional requirements through diet can opt for a protein powder. Vegans can go for vegan protein powders like soy protein, coconut protein, and pea protein, amongst many more.

Protein Powder That Boosts Your Energy

Athletes endure strenuous physical activities and training. Therefore, they must have the required amount of stored energy to carry out such activities. With the daily intake of protein powder twice a day, they give their muscles the necessary power to carry on the next day,
Since the protein powder has a fair concentration of the BCAAs, it reduces the chances of muscle fatigue. It always boosts and recharges the muscles keeping them ready for the next physical exercise. One should take the protein supplement as per their body weight.

High Iron and Fiber Content

The protein powder supplement promises a high iron and fiber content. Protein powders like pea protein have 35% of the daily iron requirements. Vegan protein powder has more iron concentration in them than animal ones.
Red meat is rich in protein. However, most people cannot consume red meat due to diet, health, or personal issues. Consuming protein powder will give them the same concentration of protein they would get from red meat. Moreover, there is more protein concentration in peas than in red meat.

Digestibility of Protein from Protein Powders

The protein powders, as stated before, have a high concentration of amino acids. The amino acids are essential in digestion. The enzymes in the protein powders, like lactase, cellulase, lipase, etc., help break down the food. The enzymes aid in the energy production that will help the liver, stomach, and other body parts to carry out their respective functions.
Therefore, getting adequate levels of each enzyme with every diet is necessary. Natural food sources and cooked food does not provide all these enzymes. Here is where the protein powder comes to the rescue. The powder contains a great concentration of amino acids that carry the enzymes.
These enzymes enter the body and break down the cell function. It helps restore energy in the cells, does away with fatigue, and increases blood function and metabolism, among many bodily functions.

Which Enzymes are Present in Protein Powder?

Protein powders have multiple enzymes in them. Each of them serves a unique purpose. Protease is an enzyme that breaks down protein molecules into simplified amino acids and peptides. The body uses these peptides to produce a safe environment for your body.
Lipases or lipids are the fat molecules that break down the fat into fatty acids in the body. The body often uses fatty acids as building blocks. Other compounds need it for body functions. It also stores energy. Analyses break down complex carbohydrates into sugars like maltose and sucrose, which the body will easily absorb.
The enzymes in the protein supplements break down maltase first into maltose, then into sucrose, and finally into glucose. The body uses glucose to get energy and carry out daily functions.

Choose a Protein Powder That Keeps You Full For a Long Time

Most protein powders have fiber content. The protein supplements have soluble and insoluble fiber that maintains a healthy digestive system. Many people use protein powder as a meal replacement to satisfy their hunger. Fiber has the innate ability to make one feel fuller. It is a great option for people who want to help with their hunger cravings without gaining a few pounds.

Protein Blend Or Protein Concentrate

Protein powder with isolates is the purest form of protein concentration. The protein isolates contain pure protein and trace amounts of fat and lactose. It makes the isolate powders a good source of protein with low calories.
The isolate protein powders are the best option for those who just want an energy boost. It helps people to maintain their weight. It is also ideal for people who are looking to lose weight. The isolate protein supplements like protein powder have protein concentration and therefore are more effective. The protein powder contains more fat and lactose than the isolate option. It has pure 70-85% pure protein.
These protein powder supplements blend the isolate and the concentrate protein powders to achieve a middle ground. If anyone wants a good-quality and bulking protein powder, then the blend concentration is the best option they can choose.

Consider Factors Of Taste, Mixing Capacity, and Aftertaste

The best protein supplement will have quality ingredients that make it taste good. However, the taste may not always be favorable. If the protein powder is sweet, sweetened additives are likely. However, it varies from product to product.
The protein powder should have quick mixability and no unpleasant aftertaste. It is best to research the various protein powder supplements to see if the added flavors are natural. If they are, then the “natural” element of the powder stays intact.
However, consuming protein from Myprotein powder is not the solution to all health and dietary problems. Regularly eat green vegetables, fish, meat (non-vegetarians), and milk. The correct combination of carbs, proteins, and vitamins will improve metabolism and provide energy.

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