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Top Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer That You Need To Know

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As Seasons change, so do the trends. Every season has some staples and trends in its lap. Is it related to the fit or Shoes? Winters have passed by, and Spring & Summer are in the line to showcase some staples or new trends. When it comes to shoe trends, there is a lot of variety that you can explore. Different Styles go with different fits, so if you want some new summer dresses, you can try these listed shoe trends in these seasons. Spring and summer bring out the flowery and vibrant part of people; our trends are the same as this season. If you want to dive into the season's deeper and more vibrant trends, this article gives you some of the best information you can receive to fill your wardrobe and apparel section with some really good pieces. 

Trendy Collection to Keep for this Spring/Summer: 

Here we are listing some of the trends that you can follow in these seasons, and here they are as follows: 

Chunky Sandals:

They are back this season with their fun part to entertain us with their great style. The comfort level and the versatility of these sandals are quite great. Specific options like summer dresses, skirts, or jeans can be considered if you want to pair them with clothing. 


If you want to carry the effortless style, then mules can be a perfect option to wear with your fit. With the chic style, their comfort level is also amazing. Mules come in both forms; they can be flat or heeled. You can carry them in styles like formal, skinny jeans, flowy skirts, fitted trousers, etc. 

Bright Colors: 

When it comes to warmer months like spring or summer, people prefer to keep them bright and vibrant rather than darker shades. Colors like electric blue, Neon Green, and Hot Pink can enhance your looks this season with their vibrant vibe. 

Platform Sneakers: 

If you want a comfortable yet cool look, what can be better than platform sneakers? Casual Wear is one of the best options. So, Are they going trendy this season? Well, you can consider them as a staple. You can look for Sneakers with Chunky Soles and unique patterns or textures. 


If we are talking about the summer trends, how can we forget about the classic Espadrilles? One of the best parts of buying Espadrilles is that they come in various shapes and styles. Various Styles, including flats, wedges, and sandals, can be seen in Espadrilles. You can pair them with a variety of spring and summer styles. Shorts, Dresses, Skirts, Capris, and Jeans can be paired with Espadrilles. 

Square Toe Shoes: 

 Square-toe shoes are one of the major trends. You can find them in various styles, from sandals to boots. If you want to give your outfit a modern look, then square-toe shoes are your option. You can pair them with oversized blazers or dresses, and not only this, but you can pair them with a plain T-shirt or straight jeans. 

Retro Sneakers: 

They can be counted in the list of aesthetic ones. Retro Sneakers are so in trend these days that they can be counted as staple ones. For your casual and cool look, these are the perfect option to consider, and they can be paired with wide jeans and oversized shirts with your skirt or even with formal ones. They can go perfectly. 

Metallic Finishes: 

Metallic Finishes such as gold, silver, or rose gold are famous today. They are one of the most popular choices this season and are in trend nowadays. So if you are looking for some trendy shoes this spring/summer, metallic finishes are the ones you can consider. 

Woven Details: 

Woven Details in your shoes are like a trend that will go on this season. Woven details add some texture and give a visually attractive look to your shoes. So, if you are looking for stylish choices this season, you can go with the woven details. 


Spring/Summer trends of the season also highlight the embellishments in the shoes. Beads, Sequins, and Pearls are on trend these days. Sneakers are very common these days, so this season is welcoming the shoe trends of the year, while some of them are with embellishments. 

Animal Prints: 

They are very common and popular these days and are very trendy. If we are making the list of trendy shoes for this summer/spring season, then not adding the animal prints will not be a justice to the list, so you can also go with the animal prints this season. 

Sustainable Footwear: 

These days, shoes are considered to be more sustainable in nature. You can look for options that can provide access to recycled fabrics or vegan leather. So, environmental impact is taken very seriously, so you can consider many sustainable options in the list. 

Best Options To Choose From: 

There are many options from where you can consider taking different kinds of shoes. Different options are available in the market, and we have researched some of them. It's optional that you may find all the categories here, but some are available here, and the quality on these sites is so premium in nature, and not that only, but the pricing in some is so good. So, the best sites where some upper-listed categories are available are Hey Dude, TOMS, Allbirds, Vionic, Clarks, and Sanuk. These are among the top brands from which you can select some shoe or style categories. 

Personal Recommendation: 

Well, in some categories too, we have some of our favorites: Hey Dude and TOMS. These are our favorites for various reasons, and if we talk about the one that can be counted as on the top list, then that is Hey Dude. This is our favorite and the site we can recommend to different people for checkout. For other options, you can check; plenty of sources are available. 


In conclusion, the article discusses the top shoe trends for the spring/summer season. It highlights various trendy styles and features that are popular during this time. Some key trends mentioned include chunky sandals, mules, bright colors, platform sneakers, espadrilles, square-toe shoes, retro sneakers, metallic finishes, woven details, embellishments, animal prints, and sustainable footwear. The article also lists reputable brands where these trendy shoe styles can be found. These brands include Hey Dude, TOMS, Allbirds, Vionic, Clarks, and Sanuk. They also offered a personal recommendation for Hey Dude and TOMS as their favorite brands. Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of staying fashionable and comfortable during the spring/summer seasons and suggests exploring the mentioned trends and brands for a stylish shoe collection. You can buy these styles for your upcoming spring and summer for brighter, trendy, vibrant looks. 

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