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Subtle Need of Clarity for a Bright Future

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A need for clarity remains always there; it can be a problematic phase in your life, a decision you can't make, or a mathematics problem. All these situations need clarity, so now we know how important it is. The same situation applies in the case of our vision. There is no doubt in knowing the importance of our vision. We all know how important it is. So we keep it as sharp as possible to have the clarity to see things and our lives. Sometimes, this sharpness fades for certain reasons, but it will be too difficult to sustain without clarity. So, at that time, we all needed alternative options to match the sharpness needed for our vision and eyes.

Some Situations due to which the sharpness of our vision goes away:

We all know how important our eyes are, but somehow, we do some things that lead to the affected vision part, so to avoid those situations, keep them in check. The problematic phases due to which our vision gets affected are as follows:

  • Excess Screen Usage without Breaks
  • Family History Situations
  • Unhealthy Diet 
  • No Protection from the Sun
  • Brain Issues 

In these situations, some can be avoided, and if we can avoid those situations, why not? You can have a healthy, balanced diet or reduce your screen time, and if you cannot because you work somewhere or study, then make sure to have some breaks every 20 or 30 minutes. You can wear shades in the sun to protect them from radiation. Thus, if you can avoid some situations, you should do it.

Which Options can you choose if your vision gets blurry? 

Now, if your vision gets blurry, you can use alternative options for your vision correction vision. There can be many options, but we will define the most common, and they are as follows:

  • Glasses
  • Contact Lenses 

These two are some of the most common ways to correct your vision. Others include some complex procedures and are more costly than these two. We all know what glasses and contact lenses are, but we will still tell people about them and which options you can take in both for quality vision because if they are not selected properly, it can severely affect your vision. 


If you are going for glasses, they are of various types and may vary according to their type. A glass lens is mounted with the frame to correct your vision. Now, the glasses are of various types, and all have their functions.

Types of Glasses:

  • Corrective Glasses
  • Sun Glasses 
  • Safety Glasses 
  • Magnification Glasses 
  • Yellow tinted Glasses 
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Options to Choose from:

Various companies offer these glasses, and we will name some of the best of them from where you can take your glasses: Essilor, Johnson and Johnson, Alcon Laboratories, Safilo Group, etc. These brands will provide you with the highest quality glasses, so why not the quality ones if you buy them? After a doctor's checkup, take the prescription and buy your glasses from your favorite brand.

Contact Lens:

If we look at the lens, these are the most trendy pieces of eyewear. They help you with two different things. First, they help correct your vision, and second, you do not have to handle them like the glasses, so these two things make lenses more attractive and preferable choices. Now, if we look at the lenses, they are of different types too, so let's first discuss their types and then the websites where we can get quality lenses.

Types of Contact lenses:

  • Torics Astigmatism
  • Colored Contact Lenses
  • Silicone Hydrogel Lenses
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses 
  • Soft Contact Lenses 

They are again categorized into different types:

  • Daily Lenses
  • Monthly Contact Lenses 
  • Two Weekly Lenses 
  • Extended Wear Lenses 

Options to Choose from: 

Now, various websites provide a one-stop destination for contact lenses because, on one site, you get to explore multiple brands and types of lenses. VisionDirect, Warby Parker, Discount Contacts, Walgreens, and Hubble are some of the sites that provide a one-stop destination for your contact lens choice. These sites are considered one of the best options for your contact lenses. Normally, the sites we have mentioned are the best, but if we talk about our favorites, then VisionDirect and Walgreens are on the list. They have different varieties of brands, and they also serve different types of lenses under different categorizations; in total, these two we consider the best because of the customer reviews, but overall, these five are the best. 

Which benefits contact lenses can provide?

They have a more natural vision than the glasses and don't get wet in winter. Doing physical activities with contact lenses is easier than with glasses because they come in your way. So, contact lenses have some benefits that your glasses cannot provide. But the choice is completely up to you with which option you want.  

What can you add to your diet if you have bad vision?

Well, if you are looking for what kind of things you can have so that it can help with your vision, then there are many options to consider:

Fish: The need for Omega 3's for your retinas can be fulfilled by fish, especially salmon and tuna. So, if you have a bad vision, you can add fish to the list.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Filled with carotenoids, they save your eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts.

Raw Red Pepper: Packed with the most Vitamin C content, which is good for the blood vessels in the eyes, they also try to save you from cataracts.

Eggs: Filled with Vitamin A, lutein, zinc, and zeaxanthin, eggs provide our eyes with what they need.

Sunflower Seeds: A great source of Vitamin E and zinc, they will try to feed your eyes with the needed requirements and help keep them safe from cataracts.

Citrus Fruits: Well, we all know that vitamin C is important for our eyes, and if it is important, then why will we not keep those things which contain vitamin C. 

Changes in Lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle will help you keep your vision correct, which is very important. Regular Exercise can help you too, so a little bit changes with proper care of your eyes. By avoiding certain things, you can ensure you are maintaining the vision. 

In the end, correct vision is important; even if you are applying lenses or glasses, it is important to have a correct diet so that the number does not increase, and if you think that your vision is getting blurry, then please make sure that you are visiting your doctor as soon as possible for your consultation. After consultation, you will get the prescription, so according to your choice, you can choose from the upper options available. 

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