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Singapore Airlines Review

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Singapore Airlines is hands-down the best airline in the world, and I’ll show you why that’s true with a step-by-step Singapore Airlines review. I’m going to explain what makes Singapore so special, what you need to do to enjoy Singapore Airlines flights, how the Singapore Airlines award program works, and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything there is to know about booking and enjoying flights on one of the best airlines in the world.


What makes Singapore Airlines stand out?

As an award-winning airline that has been voted the best airline in the world for 11 years running, Singapore Airlines is not just a carrier. It's an icon. The national flag carrier of Singapore and one of Southeast Asia's largest airlines, we have flown to every single continent on Earth, from pole to pole and from sea to shining sea. With a fleet of more than 180 aircraft, we fly more than 20 million passengers each year between our home base at Changi Airport and more than 130 destinations spanning six continents. And when you step onboard our award-winning Airbus A380s or Boeing 777s – some of the newest commercial jets flying today – you'll find all the things that make us truly extraordinary.


Safety at every stage

In addition to our superior safety record, Singapore Airlines provides customers with a safe and secure experience at every stage of their journey.

– All carry-on baggage is screened prior to boarding and checked after deplaning.

– All passengers are subject to random security checks before boarding.

– Our cabin crews receive regular training on how to deal with hijack situations, bomb threats, and other emergencies.

– Security guards patrol the airport grounds, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity near the terminal entrances.

– At Singapore Changi Airport, special screening areas have been set up for families traveling with children aged 12 or younger. These areas offer parents greater privacy and provide kids' play areas where they can wait comfortably until it's time to board.

– Two lanes leading to passport control counters have been reserved exclusively for Singapore Airlines passengers. Passengers who've arrived early may use these dedicated lanes if they wish, while those who require a fast connection can do so without delay if they need additional assistance from Immigration officers (we also advise customers traveling as families with children 12 or younger not to use these queues).

Five Star Service Of Singapore Airlines

Having a flight attendant greet you with a refreshing towel is just one of the many ways Singapore Airlines strives to make your journey a comfortable one. Our cabin crew is trained to provide excellent customer service, so you can be sure that no matter what you need, it will be delivered promptly and with a smile.

How do we get such high customer ratings? A special formula of award-winning hospitality, uncompromising service, and superior comfort—plus over 300 international awards as voted on by passengers. Our flight attendants put you at ease with their warm smiles and attention to detail, such as refreshing your seat cushion if you’ve been on a long flight. They’re also trained to memorize a drink choice from your personalized smart card. There are more touches that only our crew can give you: stroking sheets, connecting your devices, and giving neck massages!


Food, Amenities, Entertainment, and Wi-Fi

Everyone knows that Singapore is one of the best airlines to fly on, and for good reason. Food is great, amenities are top-notch, and entertainment can be found all over. But what about Wi-Fi? What's so great about it? Well, let's take a look at some of its perks.

– It's complimentary on most flights

– You can connect up to six devices at one time

– You can use your tablet as a hotspot to connect other devices (laptops/phones)
In short, Singapore Airlines has thought of everything when it comes to comfort during a flight. There may not be another airline that does it better than Singapore does.
The icing on top? Complimentary wine, Champagne, and spirits! How does Singapore Airlines do it? Read our review to find out.

With a fleet of two dozen aircraft and 300+ crew members, Singapore Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in Southeast Asia. The airline company was founded in 1947 and has been thriving ever since. Since its inception, they have flown over 230 million passengers across a myriad of destinations throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. There are several things that make Singapore so popular among travelers. But what makes them number one?

Amazing in-flight experiences

1 – Flying Singapore Airlines means you can enjoy our world-renowned service with the convenience of online check-in and seat selection. Choose your seats online and avoid waiting in line. With an extensive network spanning Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Africa, we offer more than 160 destinations worldwide.

2 – On board, we have a superb inflight entertainment system with 18 channels of live TV broadcasting from around the world on your personal screen.

3 – As we take care of all your baggage, you can travel light and enjoy our great range of entertainment options on board. Browse through over 6,000 hours of movies and TV programs to pick what suits you best or watch one of 400 entertaining videos on demand – from comedy to cooking shows. Enjoy 12 different games – from chess to mahjong – plus Sudoku, sudoku, and word search puzzles to help keep your mind active! You can also tune into one of the 180 radio stations or listen to podcasts while at 30,000 feet. All this without an internet connection or Wi-Fi so your phone battery will last longer too!



Here's a quick checklist of some of Singapore Airlines' key attributes that make it such a great airline.

-The world's largest operator of Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s, giving us unparalleled reach and frequency across our network. -Award-winning inflight service with an in-flight product voted Best Airline Seat for twelve years running.

-Best baggage policy among major carriers, including baggage allowances of up to 23kg per person for fares booked before 1 September 2017* and up to 32kg per person for fares booked on or after 1 September 2017*.

-World-renowned KrisFlyer frequent flyer program with more awards given than any other airline loyalty program.

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