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Business Class Experience In Singapore Airlines

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A trip to Singapore needs not to be an expensive one, even if you are traveling with your family. There are many affordable flights to Singapore from the U.S., and these flights will usually last anywhere from 8-11 hours depending on the route. Singapore Airlines offers the best in business class service to passengers flying economy, and if you have ever flown business class with Singapore Airlines before, you know just how much of an upgrade it is from economy class seating. Here’s how you can enjoy the same experience on a flight from New York to Singapore that only costs $1,195!


Safety Features

The cabin on this flight was significantly quieter than the economy, so I was able to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for about 5 hours. The seats themselves were much larger, almost like a small bed. They reclined so that your feet could stretch out at the end of the seat in front of you and also reclined into a table that came up from the armrests. Along with that, they had plenty of pillows and blankets to keep you warm. One more great thing is that the food served on this flight was incredible! Every meal is prepared by the acclaimed New York-based French chef Eric Ripert who has been awarded three Michelin stars.
After my business class experience in Singapore Airlines, I can confidently say it is worth every penny!


Food And Beverage

I was amazed at the fine dining experience in the business class cabin. The food was always served hot and when the food carts came around they were stocked with an amazing variety of dishes, including fried rice, pasta, stir fry, and much more. For drinks, I opted for champagne which is hard to come by on commercial flights. The free alcohol in business class made it so I could enjoy myself as much as I wanted and not have to worry about getting behind the steering wheel after landing. My favorite part was trying out all the different types of wine from different regions, such as France, Italy, and California. If you're looking for a decadent flight experience with great service, then look no further than Singapore Airlines Business Class!


Seat + IFE

I was quite surprised to see the row of IFE consoles ahead of me, knowing that it is usually only available on long-haul flights. It was not until I disembarked the plane in London that I realized that those were actually personal screens, accessible to all Business class passengers. Needless to say, having a laptop or tablet with you won't be necessary if you are flying premium! The IFE content ranged from documentaries to news and even kid's programming. The touch screen console made accessing content easy- just swipe left or right and tap away! There's also an e-reader app for avid readers.


Amenities + Sleeping Comfort

The food and drinks were deliciously appetizing. These airlines offer one of the best-equipped private suites in the sky, with a reclining lounge seat that converts into a fully flat bed. The bedding consists of a memory foam mattress, fine Egyptian cotton sheets, plush pillows, an abundance of oversized warm blankets, and hypoallergenic duvets. All linen is cleaned after every guest and changed every four hours.


The flight experience

As I prepare to board my first international flight ever, my anxiety levels are up. I'm used to a comfortable flight on US carriers, with reclining seats and unlimited legroom. The experience is much different on an international carrier. Not only is the flight shorter, but there's no privacy from the person next to you or from the guy standing in front of you watching over your shoulder. In fact, at one point during takeoff and landing announcements were made by the flight attendants themselves. That said, it was not uncomfortable at all; just different than what I was used to. And for a business traveler like me, that's what matters most!


Arriving At Your Destination

As a businessman, it was refreshing to see the signs of hustle and bustle all around as we traveled. There was a ground crew eagerly handing out their boarding passes and directing people towards the plane that would whisk them away from Asia’s bustling hub. The luggage had been scanned, tagged, and loaded for the flight to our next destination: Australia. It was hard not to think about what lay ahead. I don’t want this journey to end! On with the business class experience! A couple of things you will notice are different from economy class is that there are two seats on each side instead of three. And if you look up, you will see an in-flight entertainment system running the length of the cabin with 15 screens across five rows. We settled into our seats and checked out everything on offer before take-off – movies, TV shows, music stations, games, and more!



I would have to say the difference between business class and the economy is more than just extra legroom. I've flown enough times in both sections to know the difference, but this time it was remarkably different. The focus on customer service starts with the service agents and continues through to flight attendants and pilots. I was surprised by how courteous everyone was and just how far they went to make my experience enjoyable. From the welcome drink to helping to get out of my seat when landing, I felt as if I were a valued customer from start to finish. If you're looking for a special trip or a way to upgrade your travel experience without breaking the bank, I highly recommend considering business class.

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