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Redo Your Garden And Backyard with Casando

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Are you planning to redo your garden or backyard? Check out Casando's latest options and deals. Whether you want to add a new patio to your backyard or decorate your garden with the newest additions, Casando can make it happen. With decades of experience in doing just that, they know what it takes to make sure that whatever you choose will complement your house in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to redo your garden and backyard with Casando’s help.


Tips To Enhance Gardens And Backyards With Casando


Garden and Leisure

Landscape design is all about making people feel good. It’s about creating an area where you can sit and relax, hang out with your family and friends or take some time to yourself when needed. If you’re trying to completely revamp your backyard space, here are seven tips from some of our experts to help get you started:

1. Be clear on what you want your yard to do for you; its purpose should be central to your vision and design.

2. Think about how much upkeep it will require before making big decisions like planting big bushes or trees.

3. Consider who will use it—children? Pets? Parties?—and plan accordingly.

4. Use plants that thrive in your local climate and soil conditions to save yourself headaches down the road.

5. Don’t forget about lighting! Good lighting makes any space more appealing, especially at night when you might actually spend more time outside than during daylight hours.

6. Create a focal point in your yard by choosing one element as a centerpiece for everything else in your landscape design.

7 . Don't forget about water features! Water adds life and sound to any outdoor environment, whether it's from fountains or ponds—or even just rainwater collected off your roof!


Spend your free time in the garden – perfectly equipped with Casando

You probably don't spend enough time in your garden, despite it giving you natural energy, peace, and lots of vitamins. All you have to do is open your window or door – and there you are! All plants need attention from time to time; if possible, do them a favor by spending some quality time outside. And if necessary, call up someone who knows about flowers and plants for advice about which grass is most suitable for you. Improve your knowledge about soils and plants so that next spring looks even better than before. Having organic plants in your home improves air quality and makes cleaning easier! Did you know? The concentration of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be reduced by 30% just by placing plant pots around the house!


Decking for your outdoor living room

If you’ve got any space around your house that you want to be comfortable in all year round, decking is an inexpensive way to make it happen. Also called platform decks, decking is basically just wide planks of wood that you lay over beams. You can find all kinds of pre-made decking materials, or purchase and cut your own materials depending on what kind of look you want. Prices start at about $8 per square foot, although prices vary widely based on where you live and what type of wood or composite material you choose.

Here’s how to do it yourself, so you can save money and get exactly what you want. The first step is choosing your materials. Since most decking is made from wood, there are several kinds of treated lumber available in a variety of natural and stained colors. If you’d like to add some flair to your deck, there are also composite decking options that include synthetic or plastic materials for added strength. From there, all you need is enough space around your home and patience while preparing your site and installing each plank. If you plan on including railings as well, make sure to factor in those costs when deciding what type of material is right for your budget and design preferences.


Using Garden Fence as a Business Card

Your garden fence is actually an ideal opportunity to tell people what you are doing. Use modern materials and colors to come up with something that reflects your creativity and personality. You can also use chalk paint, so you will never have to paint again! This type of painting does not require priming or sanding but uses a special water-based sealer to make it last longer. It's perfect if you don't have time or if you're afraid of making a mistake while painting. It’s easy: all you have to do is dip your brush into some water and apply it on dry wood (this allows better absorption). Let it dry overnight and repeat until desired color/covering is achieved.


The Small Garden Villa Behind the House

Many homeowners are lucky enough to have an outdoor space but don’t know what to do with it. They make it into some kind of dumping ground or use it as an extension of their kitchen, but rarely turn it into a true oasis. So take that large open space and turn it into an outdoor living room! Install some large planters in your garden to create privacy (and frame your patio). Put in potted trees for shade and fill them with colorful flowers so that you can enjoy them all year round (or maybe just at Christmas!). If there’s not enough light already, put in solar-powered lights along your pathway and bordering your patio. Put up a grill so you can cook while surrounded by nature.


No Garden is Perfect Without Vegetables and Flowers

Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables are absolutely necessary to have in your garden. By planting them near your home you can easily grow organic foods that can benefit you and your family without damaging Mother Earth. You might want to think about planting flowers around your house as well. They help beautify your surroundings while also serving as a natural insect repellent against flies and mosquitoes. To make sure that you never go hungry or miss out on essential vitamins, always keep a supply of potatoes and onions at home because they’re great sources of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. For instance, 100 grams of onion contain 21 mg of vitamin C while 100 grams of potato contain 9 mg of vitamin C.


Consider the Neighbors

The first thing you need to think about is how your new backyard space will look from your neighbor’s house. Not only will they have a front-row view of it, but they’ll be able to hear (and see) everything that goes on back there. So keep that in mind when thinking about how you want to use your space. Play it safe with manicured plants and controlled plantings, and maybe invest in some higher fences if noise or light is an issue. Your neighbors will appreciate it!

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