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15 Things To Do In Manchester

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Manchester is an amazing city in the Northwest of England. Manchester is most famous for its football. Besides that, there are a lot more stunning places for which Manchester is famous. It has a rich heritage. It has the world's best and most famous museums and good taste in music. The United Kingdom's Manchester is one of the most visited cities. 

The beauty of the place lies in its rich heritage culture that attracts tourists the most. Manchester is the first industrial city in the world. Their history, culture, and museums are the major visiting spots. Travelers love to visit Manchester, but Foodies love the city. It offers wide options of food which the food lover finds great there. Manchester has plenty of things to offer the tourists. It has great activities and destinations that are must visit. The reason behind Manchester being one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom is very well known now. It is a stunning city visited by people from all over the world.

Top Tourist Spots You Can’t In Manchester

Before planning a trip to Manchester, visit booking.com to get to know in advance the famous tourist attraction spots in Manchester. The city is home to rich culture, heritage, and museums. Let's look at the places that shouldn't be inserted during your visit to Manchester. Booking.com will guide you in picking and covering the most famous places and letting you save time on the trip. 

1. Manchester Museum 

The museum is one of the most famous and most visited tourist destinations. The museum is known as the heart of the university group. The Manchester Museum is a collection of archaeology, its rich history, and anthropology. The museum exhibits the rich art of the place.

2. Manchester Art Gallery 

The art gallery of Manchester is a beautiful display of more than 13,000 drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. It has a collection of the world's most beautiful crafts and artwork designs, making it not to miss the place in Manchester. It is located in the middle of the city, where the top art beauty lies.

3. The Quays 

The Quays is a beautiful water-facing place that should be at the top of the list. From Quays, you will witness an amazing view. The pace blends many different things, such as culture, shopping, sports, beautiful view, and more.

4. John Rylands Library

It's a place you cannot afford to miss. The library is a collection of almost 2,00,000 books. The building of John Rylands Library is stunning. The heritage look of the library will give you a glimpse of a movie shooting, and the corridors are quiet, making a noise of pin-drop silence. It is a library that has been working since 1972. This is a must-visit place to witness the beauty and heritage appearance of the place.

5. Manchester Cathedral 

To add to your bucket list of destinations in Manchester, there is another beautiful and astonishing place: Manchester Cathedral. It is the main church in the city and is over 600 years old. The church is located on Victoria Street; the street is known as the heart of the city. The interior of the building is the major reason behind it being added to your bucket list.

6. Manchester river cruise & Boat trips 

It is a nice place where you can sit and enjoy the view. That place will give you a completely different perspective of the city. It is a beautiful waterfront destination in Manchester with a view of the cruise, making it a more beautiful sightseeing destination. 

7.  Imperial War Museum North 

There are 5 branches of the Imperial war museum, and one of them is located in Manchester. The building of the museum is impressive. Exhibits in the museum have over 2,000 objects, with weapons and the items present. The museum is constructed on a bomb site. You can also get to know the stories of people who have experienced all that in real life. 

8. Hop on, Hop Off the bus ride. 

Hopping onto the bus to travel in the city to experience and explore the destinations that are little out to reach. Taking a bus ride could be the perfect option if you want to explore the whole city by simply relaxing. It is a relaxing and comfortable way of traveling and witnessing every sightseeing place in Manchester. 

9. Science and Industry Museum

The science industry museum is a lot of fun places to visit and to learn industrial history. The place is quite popular among tourists and is a part of their list to cover on the Manchester trip. In the museum, you will also find an experiment gallery, a good way for children to learn and explore more.  

10. Manchester Town Hall

Manchester town hall depicts the history of the city. It is a municipal building that consists of rooms and offices. The city has a fascinating history that all buildings portray perfectly. The building is beautifully carved and even shows some of Manchester's popular figures. 

11. Old Trafford

Old Trafford is located in Greater Manchester. It is the most famous football stadium. The stadium has museums too. TOld Trafford is a famous attraction in Manchester. The museum in the stadium represents the history of 130 years. The city has major football clubs, one of the major things for which Manchester is famous.

12. The Whitworth 

It is an art gallery with more than 55,000 items to display. The art gallery is located in Whitworth Park. It is a beautiful art gallery exhibiting different artwork and cultures of the city. The city's rich culture can be understood well with its art life and crafts displayed. 

13. Etihad Stadium 

The Etihad Stadium is a famous football club with an attractive facade. The major areas to explore in the stadium are the conference room, changing room, manager's dugout, and more. Be ready to gain information about football and the history of it in Manchester. 

14. Fletcher Moss Park 

It is a botanical park with various species of plants and flowers. The colorful and beauty of the place attract visitors. It is a 90-acre park located in Didsbury, 8KM from the city center. 

15. Ancoats 

It is a beautiful village in the Victoria stations. The village is famous among the art-loving people and the fodies. Ancoats offers various things, from foodie places, restaurants, bars, industrial mills, and other beautiful attraction points.

Final Thoughts 

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