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The Ultimate Makeup Guide For Beginners: Step-By-Step Tutorial

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The power of makeup is well known; it has the potential to give your face and enhance your natural features in a better manner. People think that using continuous makeup can harm the skin, but only using makeup on the skin is not harmful, and that isn't harming the skin at all. What is harmful? Do you know? The wrong makeup habits we follow and leaving the makeup during sleep after the event is completed for which you have gotten ready. It can make every look of your face more impressive and attractive. YouTube has an even appearance and a smooth look. It can create a drastic makeover, playing an essential role in boosting your confidence. You can get yourself to a better height and make your looks appear per the occasion. 

Steps To Do Makeup Like A Pro

Makeup is an art made to make you look more powerful. Its power is undeniable. Every individual has a different perception and definition of makeup and tier benefits. One right step for makeup makes the most sense and helps you create the best look you ever wanted. Let's get started with it. Before starting with the steps, check your makeup and whether you have all these products and every makeup product. Are you thinking of buying them? If yes, you must check out these platforms to get the best makeup products, such as Morphe, Fenty Beauty, Clarins, Bluemercury, and more. 

  • Step 1: Moisturizer

Keeping the face well hydrated is the most basic and essential part of starting with the right makeup process. No matter your skin type, moisturizing it before makeup is essential for all skin types, whether dry, oily, or normal.

  • Step 2: Primer

For a long day and you want to keep your makeup up for a longer time, primer helps you do so. To Eliminate the chances of disappearing makeup, primer is the solution to keeping it longer. It gives the makeup a perfect base and minimizes the pores' appearance. Remember to put this in your makeup bag.

  • Step 3: Foundation 

For the best and ultimate finishing and smooth look of your natural skin foundation is the final verdict. Without saying it is the most essential element in the whole makeup. This gives an even-toned look to them, which is essential when choosing the foundation for you. The foundation has ample shades, which you should look at carefully. The shape must be decided as per your original skin tone, which perfectly matches it. You can use your finger to apply it, use the makeup sponge, and even apply it with the makeup brush. Give it a good blend on your face and your neck area. 

  • Step 4: Concealer

The major work of the concealer is to clear the dark spots, especially the dark circles area under the eyes. There is a scene with concealer that you must apply all over the place rather than the scene that applies on the dark spots area. Take a brush and make a triangle shape under the spots to give it better coverage, and use a brush to mix it well so it doesn't look cakey on the face.   

  • Step 5: Blush and Bronzer

Add some drama and colors to the face with the blush and bronzer. These add warmth to the face, making the skin look refreshing and awake. Choose the blush that complements the dress, or else you can go for the subtle ones that suit your skin color, such as pinkish or peachy colors, which are most commonly used. Bronzer makes your look versatile and comes in liquid, cream, or powdered form. The matte bronzer is perfect for a more realistic and highlighting look. 

  • Step 6: Highlighter

If you are getting ready, especially for a big event, major party, or wedding, your look can only be complete with the highlighter. There are no particularly mentioned spots for using highlighter; it is used anywhere you want to bring attention and highlight the high points. It gives a fresh and glowing look. The most trending point of highlighting is the nose tip and the chin's middle point. A pinch of touch of highlighter at these highlighting points can drastically change your look.

  • Step 7: Eyeshadow

There are ample shades and ways to apply eyeshadow; you might have seen videos on social media as tutorials to do eye makeup. The ways to apply eye makeup start with the basic, darker look and natural and nude look. Want to add some more drama to the eyes? Add shimmer. Play with color in the color palette and create your own lighter tone, darker tone, nide look, shimmer look, smoky eyes look, and do something crazy with the colors. Always ensure that as you take the eyeshadow in the brush, wipe away the excess eye shadow powder and then apply it to the eyes. 

  • Step 8: Eyeliner


Next, after the eyeshadow comes the eyeliner. I might have encountered some who can't even stay without eyeliner. The basic black eyeliner is always nice for the most satisfying look, which you can go out without any doubt. Second, is it looking good on me or not? There are more popping colors in eyeliner, adding an interesting impression and drama. Your eyelids look prettier than ever; you can go for pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliners.

  • Step 9: Mascara

Layering your eyelashes to make them look bigger, longer, and more curved. This makes your eyelashes look damn prettier. Some also use eyelash curlers before applying the mascara, but that is an option. It gives a coat to your lashes and adds volume to it.

  • Step 10: Lip lining and Lipstick

 Apply the lip liner and give your lips the perfect shape, and later fill the inner space with the Lipstick or lip gloss. A perfect lip lining makes the application process of Lipstick simpler and cleaner. The final and most essential step which instantly transforms the whole look. The first was lip lining, and now the Lipstick. Fill the lips with the perfect and most complete lip color with your outfit and skin tone. 

  • Step 11: Makeup Setting spray

After doing this stunning makeup, maintain the look for the maximum longer time possible with the makeup setting powder or makeup setting spray. 

In The Nutshell 

You are ready to do the makeup by following the right steps. You can achieve the best makeup look, which looks stunning and stays longer; follow the steps. You might have the best makeup product with you of high quality and of the best brands, but you are doing it very randomly; you need help getting that look you are considering. Unless you are right steps such as you haven't applied moisturizer or primer, which is the first step in the whole makeup process, do you think your skin will keep your makeup up for the long time which you might get if you have applied them, Also that will lack with the hydration part also. Get the best makeup products for stunning makeup from the platform, such as Morphe, Colourpop, Today's shopping choice, Elf cosmetics, and more. As we all know, the power of makeup has a great impact.

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