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Tutorialspoint : Introduction To International Relations

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Introduction To International Relations : ₹419.99

This course will introduce you to the discipline of International Relations. Whether you are a student or just someone interested in what International Relations is about, this course will carefully guide you through the basics of this fascinating academic discipline.

The course is ideal for beginners with no prior university education because it allows you to understand the basics of the discipline. Although it is designed for beginners, the course will give you confidence to speak about International Relations with much greater confidence.

You will understand the history of International Relations as a discipline as well as the major theories of IR. You will also learn about theory as such – what it is and different kinds of theories. Equipped with this fundamental knowledge, you will then explore the key topics forming the core of International Relations at any university:

  • the evolution of sovereign states states,
  • the causes of war and conflict
  • the struggle for peace and international organisations
  • international political economy

Sure, there are many other topics which could be covered under the label International Relations, but this course is designed as a complete introduction to give you solid knowledge and understanding of the core elements of this fascinating discipline.

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