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Tutorialspoint : Get French Course For English-Speaker Beginners

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French Course For English-Speaker Beginners : ₹419.99

This class will help you with the four essential skills of language acquisition: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. You will find a variety of learning activities that will help you with everyday French. Indeed, you will write sentences and paragraphs in French, repeat and speak in French, listen to French dialogue, and finally read and comprehend basic sentences. Thanks to these activities, you will detect common mistakes, understand how to correct them, and practice to ensure that you apply what you have learned in each of the lessons. How exciting!

Spend time discovering what the class offers: In addition to a free eBook, you will find individual videos and slides for each of the 20 most common mistakes in basic French. All these resources are designed to accompany your journey and use them as much as you wish.

Learning a language should be fun yet challenging, and I am very excited to be part of your journey. The best is yet to come!


  • Identify common mistakes made by non-native French speakers
  • Acquire important details of the French language
  • Expand French vocabulary
  • Memorize some of the exceptions of the French language
  • Improve pronunciation of the French language.
  • Gain a better mastery of the French language – both spoken and written
  • Be better equipped to complete the DELF A1 examination
  • Start thinking in French
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