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The Psychology Of Color: How Your Wardrobe Choices Affect Your Mood

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Colors have a major impact on our lives. Is it black, white, or any blingy or other pastel shade? Each color has its own significance. In this blog, we are going to talk about colors and also how there is a psychology of colors and how they affect our moods. 

What Is The Psychology Of Colors? 

Psychology of Colors refers to the study in which it is observed that human behavior, emotions, and perceptions are impacted or influenced by different colors. Now, as we study further, we are going to tell you about different colors and what type of aspects are associated with them as follows: 


Red is often associated with boldness. We can add words like energy, passion, and excitement with Red. Words like Danger and Urgency are also related to this color. 


Green represents the calmer side as it reflects nature, growth, forgiveness, comfort, etc. This color can also represent balance.


Orange depicts excitement, warmth, enthusiasm, confidence, and factors like warmth. So, it is more on the side of an optimistic color. But if we look at the negative side, then aspects like arrogance or pride may be associated with this color.  


Pink is often associated with the feminine side. This color is also used to express emotions like calmness and relaxation. Other than that, this color is also used to depict the romantic aspect. So you can feel the tenderness by wearing this color. 


If we talk about Yellow with which aspect it is associated, we can count the elements like happiness, optimism, and warmth. This color also stimulates mental activity and creativity. Other than these things, Yellow is a vibrant and energetic color that also influences your mood. 


Blue is a color that depicts feelings like calmness and reliability. Blue is a color that can give you an easier effect on your surroundings. This color also represents stability. 


Purple signifies some mysterious and spiritual factors. Other than that, this color is often associated with royalty, luxury, creativity, and ambition. 


This color represents factors like elegance, power, and sophistication. Other than these factors, the black color also represents a mysterious factor, and it is depicted for the formality. 


Well, how can we forget this color? White represents purity, innocence, safety, and spiritualism. Other than that, it can also denote factors like cleanliness and simplicity.

How Your Wardrobe Choices Affect Your Mood? 


Now, as we have explained to you what elements or factors are associated with these colors, you may have a little idea of how your wardrobe choices can affect your mood. Like what type of color choices can boost your mood or what type of colors can give you calmness.


Bright Colors:

Bright Colors often increase energy levels, and in addition to that, they also uplift your mood. Not only this, they also create a sense of excitement and positivity. Bright Colors can evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. 

Dark Colors: 

Dark Colors are often associated with a sense of seriousness, formality, and sophistication. Authority, Elegance, and Professionalism can be sensed from dark colors. They also provide a slimming effect and a sense of grounding and stability. 

Which Is Preferable: Bright Or Dark? 

This is an interesting question that you should ask regarding color choices. Well, according to our view or mindset, both bright and dark colors have special features. If a color from the bright side may give you a sense of joy, then a color from the dark side may give you a sense of sophistication and elegance. So both of them are important to have in our lives. All the colors have their own importance. Is it a painting or real life? We need these colors to sustain it properly. 

Which Options To Go For? 

As for now, we have disclosed the color psychology to you to set up your wardrobe according to your own preferences and choices. Other than researching the psychology of colors, we have also done research about the suitable sites where you can go to explore the best color options for your wardrobe. Before making the list, we do consider factors like which site can avail these wardrobe options at a good rate or where you can find premium clothing options at good prices. If the customer reviews about these sites are good, you may get the right destination to buy the right product. Well, the sites that we have found for you are Lucky Brand, American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, J.Crew, and Gap. These are some of the destinations where you can go and explore some color options for your wardrobe. 

Personal Preference: 

We have tried our best to filter out the results of which sites can be the best options for your shopping experience and color choices. Though we have two of them, which are our personal favorites and which sites are better in many forms from the viewpoint of a customer. So, our two personal favorites are Lucky Brand and Gap. But even from these two, we also have a personal choice, and that is Lucky Brand. Now, you may ask us why this is our personal choice. Well, there are many reasons why this brand stands out as our personal favorite. Many aspects are considered before this, like the price, quality, accessibility, customer support, etc. So Lucky Brand is the winner and the best choice. 


We have discussed in this blog why color theory is important and how it can majorly impact our mood. So, whatever your mood or occasion is, now you know the color theory, and that is why you can go with some specific colors. Besides telling you about the color theory, we have also suggested some good sites where you can find great shopping material with wide color choices. In the end, we get to know some basic things for professional choices; we can go for colors like Blue or Black, or to rock some vibrant occasions, we can go in colors like Red, Yellow, or orange, and for your romantic date, you can pick the pretty pink. For a more stable or calm choice, you can go for the green color. Now, that totally depends on how you want to fill your wardrobe. It can be more on the vibrant side or more on the professional side. But we suggest that you maintain the ratio of these two for a better experience. 

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