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The Pros And Cons Of Popular Shoe Materials: A Guide For Men And Women

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We all consider that choosing the right shoe is a favorable decision if you are looking for comfort in your life, but as we scroll through thousands of shoe options, have we ever pondered how to choose the right one. Most of us whenever we go to select the right boots or shoes, we all focus on one thing, and that is the fit. But have we ever pondered about the fact that the comfort of the shoe is not only determined by the size of our feet? The answer may be no for most people. Mostly, we check the design or the measurement, but to determine the right one, there are more things to consider, and the simple answer to this question can be your shoe material. 

Common Footwear Materials: 

There are some types of footwear materials which are available in common and are listed as follows: 

  • Leather
  • Synthetic Materials
  • Canvas 
  • Mesh 
  • Rubber

Need To Select The Right Footwear Material: 

As we have told you, if you are looking for the right footwear, you should consider the material that suits you. We have informed you about some of the common materials available and used in footwear manufacturing. Now, as we have discussed the common materials, there is a point that you should ponder about every material has its own pros and cons. So let’s discuss the pros and cons of the materials so that you can decide which option is suitable for you. 


Leather is made from the skin of animals, especially cattle. The process of making leather is called Tanning. In this process, we treat the hides, which means the skin of the animals with chemicals to avoid decaying. As we have told you, every material has pros and cons. In the same way, leather has its own, which are as follows: 

Pros Of Leather: 

  • We all know how classic the look comes from wearing leather; people going to parties or business meetings usually prefer leather for their looks. 
  • The durability of leather is quite great, which makes it a suitable choice or an option. 

Cons Of Leather: 

  • Leather is quite expensive to wear, so affordability is the factor that can be its disadvantage. 
  • As compared to other shoes, it requires more maintenance. 

Synthetic Materials: 

Synthetic Materials are basically produced through chemical processes and are man-made. They are not derived from natural sources. Polyester, Nylon, and synthetic leather are some examples of synthetic materials. 

Pros Of Synthetic Materials: 

  • The price of synthetic materials is quite affordable, which can be a great advantage for those with a budget. 
  • Maintaining footwear made from synthetic substances is not very difficult, so cleaning and maintenance are quite simple. 

Cons Of Synthetic Materials: 

  • The durability factor can be an issue in the case of synthetic materials. The longevity of synthetic materials is less as compared to leather. 
  • Breathability is another factor that can be an issue in synthetic materials. 


Canvas is made of woven fabrics. It is often made from cotton and linen but also from other natural and synthetic fibers, so that depends. Canvas footwear is basically famous for its strength and durability. 

Pros Of Canvas. 

  • Canvas footwear is lightweight, providing a comfortable and less cumbersome feel. 
  • Versatility is quite good for Canvas Footwear because this material can be used in different shoe styles. 

Cons Of Canvas: 

  • The durability of Canvas shoes is less than that of leather and synthetic materials.
  • Due to their less water resistance, they are not made for wet and cold conditions. 


Mesh is a material that is made by interlacing yarns or fibers. They are characterized by an open net-like structure. Typically, they are made from synthetic materials like Nylon and polyester. 

Pros Of Mesh: 

  • They are highly breathable, making them a perfect choice for those suffering from sweaty feet. 
  • They can be the perfect option for athletic shoes for improved ventilation and moisture management.

Cons Of Mesh: 

  • They are not suitable for cold and wet conditions, so that is a disadvantage that we can see in this material. 
  • They collect dirt and debris more easily as compared to others.


Rubber is an elastic substance. Rubber can be of two types. One is natural Rubber, and the other one is synthetic Rubber. Natural Rubber is extracted from some tropical plants. 

Pros Of Rubber: 

  • Water Resistance and the durability of Rubber are quite high, which makes this material a perfect option for wet conditions and outdoor activities.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain, and one more good advantage that you can get from rubber material is that its grip and traction are quite strong.

Cons Of Rubber: 

  • Breathability is an issue in the case of rubber footwear, which can be a cause of sweaty feet. 
  • You may get a different level of comfort compared to other materials in the case of Rubber. 

Best Options To Explore From: 

Well, we have tried our best to give you the information so that you can grab the perfect comfort fit for you. As we have told you people about the right material, we have also tried to find the best comfort sites where you can get good quality shoes because good shoes are quite important. So we have ensured you get the right information and destination for your shoe shopping. Some of the sites we have found for you are Dansko, Zappos, Adidas, Foot Locker, and Puma. These are some of the best sites to visit for quality shoes. We have given you the information, and now the choice is yours for which quality material you want. 

Personal Recommendations: 

Although we have tried our best to find the most suitable options for you where you can go and grab your perfect shoes, two of them are our personal favorites because of their overall appearance. Dansko and Adidas are our favorites, but even from these two, one is at the top of our list: Dansko. Dansko is a site where you can get various options for both men and women. One of the best parts of this site was the category, which was divided by professions, like nurses, teachers, and culinary shoes. This is just one category. The web has tried to find almost all the options here for your parties or office, and surprisingly, we got them all. 


Ultimately, our whole focus was to tell you this important thing: whenever you look for those perfect pairs, there are more things to consider, and one of them is choosing the right material for your shoes. According to your own suitability, you can go for the perfect options. Not only have we told you about the material, but we have done our proper research so that you can get the perfect destination to shop your footwear from because even if you select the right fit and material that may not be comfortable to you because of the cheap quality so try to grab them from a quality place where you can get the right quality. So, the right fit, material, and material quality can get you a great pair of shoes. 

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