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Singapore Airlines – Luxury Class Experience

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Singapore Airlines has been the flag carrier of Singapore since 1972 and is one of the leading airlines in Asia. One of their many bragging rights is their premium class experience called Singapore Airlines Suites, which I had the pleasure of flying on in late 2018, on an 18-hour flight from Singapore to New York City via Frankfurt, Germany. Here's my experience with what could arguably be one of the best airline experiences in the world – flying Suites Class with Singapore Airlines!

Before you board

Before boarding, you will be welcomed by a Singapore Airlines representative at the gate. You'll be escorted to the departure lounge where you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a light meal and other refreshments. If you prefer, there is also a duty-free shop to browse before your flight.
Before boarding, you will be welcomed by a Singapore Airlines representative at the gate. You'll be escorted to the departure lounge where you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a light meal and other refreshments. If you prefer, there is also a duty-free shop to browse before your flight. Once settled in, we invite our passengers into our beautiful private airport lounges with designer furniture for relaxation as well as complimentary WiFi internet access for those who wish to work while waiting for their flight.

Before Take Off

Boarding a plane can be one of the most stressful aspects of traveling. With long lines, time-consuming security checks, and the cramped quarters of economy class, it is no wonder that many flyers are anxious to get on the plane and take off as soon as possible. However, there is another option. A luxury experience awaits those who choose to fly in Singapore Airlines' first or business class.

Food and Beverages Service

After takeoff, it's time to relax and take in the view. The service on board the flight is impeccable, and the flight attendants are attentive to your every need. On Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, there are four main dining options: The Residence, First Class Private Suites, Business Class Private Suites, and Economy Classes. Each one of these offers something unique that cannot be found on other airlines. The Residence allows you to experience what it would be like to fly first class with a private suite for all your needs, including a bed, walk-in wardrobe, and an ensuite bathroom with shower and bathtub. You'll also enjoy three delicious meals a day served at your own private table from the In-flight Chef's Gallery by talented chefs from around the world.

Services in the Cabin

-Seat in a 1-2-1 configuration, so you can stretch out and relax.
-Individual air nozzles and adjustable lumbar support. -Amenities kit with slippers, eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, and socks.
-Access to in-flight entertainment on your own personal screen. Want movies? Check. Board games? Check. Up-to-date news broadcasts? You betcha! I could watch all the Harry Potter movies back-to-back if I wanted to. And if I'm feeling extra bored, there's an assortment of TV shows like Game of Thrones or The Crown that are just waiting for me on my handy dandy 10.6-inch touchscreen monitor that's already synced up to my choice of language!
When it comes time for dinner (usually after 2 hours into the flight), Singapore Airlines flight attendants offer passengers their choice of a five-course meal including appetizers like prawn soup or iced tea, main dishes such as butter chicken or coconut fish curry, and dessert options such as tiramisu or chocolate mousse cake. All accompanied by a selection of wine–yes please!–and champagne!

On-Board Spa Experience

The onboard spa experience is a luxury that most people only dream about. Luckily for those who fly with Singapore Airlines, the onboard spa experience is one of the many benefits of flying in this airline's Luxury Class. I felt like a queen as soon as I laid down for my first treatment: an aromatic foot scrub and reflexology massage. The soothing smells and gentle touch instantly put me in relaxation mode. I could have stayed there all day, but they eventually escorted me to my seat with a neck pillow and blanket. As soon as I landed, I booked my next flight!

Airport Lounge Access

The Singapore Airlines Lounge is one of the best airport lounges in the world. It features a gym, spa, and beauty salon and offers complimentary shower suites for those looking to freshen up before their flight. The food offerings are excellent with plenty of options including a Mongolian grill and noodle bar. There is also an art gallery featuring local artists which changes on a monthly basis. For business travelers, there are multiple meeting rooms that can be booked by the hour or day with wireless internet access and plenty of power outlets available at each workstation. For families, there are play zones where kids can engage in arts and crafts projects while waiting for their flight to board. A family lounge is also available. And lastly, if you have time between flights, you can take advantage of the outdoor pool and spa area just outside of the lounge entrance.

In-Flight Entertainment

Luxury class passengers are served by flight attendants in a two-class cabin configuration. Flight attendants are dressed in colorful, traditional kebaya robes with batik designs and jasmine flowers in their hair. The airline offers three different classes of service on its aircraft: First, Business and Economy. Singapore Airlines has the second highest passenger capacity of any carrier worldwide, as well as the youngest fleet average age of six years. The airline also has an award-winning reputation for the quality of service, earning them the World's Best Airline award for ten consecutive years from 2010 to 2019 according to Skytrax.

Other Perks

– The cabin is designed with a contemporary feel, with wood and leather features. – Amenities include noise-canceling headphones, a minibar, and an extensive library of books, magazines, and newspapers. – Singapore Airlines has one of the best in-flight dining options out there. The inflight menu includes dishes from all over Asia to suit different tastes and dietary requirements.
– Lather up in their signature Citron bath gel before hopping into the shower for a refreshing cleanse during your flight.

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