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Experiencing America’s Cultural Melting Pot

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There is some type of magic or influence that this Country possesses. With a total area of 9.834 million square km, this is a land of 50 states. Every State has something different to offer. Is it food or is it historical pieces to visit, or is it museums or something else? This Country holds various things to offer. With economic Resources and strong military potential, this Country has all the attributes to be considered a superpower. 

Cultural Aspects of the USA: 

If we look at the culture of the USA, it is influenced by several factors. Here we will try to give you people some idea about what kind of components define the basic culture of this huge Country: 

Melting Pot: 

Due to the diversity of population living in the states, the US is often called the melting pot. All kinds of people with diverse backgrounds consider this Country their home.

Diversity leads to an exchange of languages, religions, customs, and traditions. 


American Cuisine is famous all over the world. Regional Specialities like pies, barbecue, and Tex-Mex represent the culinary diversity across the Country. 

Popular Culture: 

American TV shows and movies have a wide influence all over the world. Is it movies from Marvel or different songs by pop singers? There is a huge fan base all over the world for this culture. 

This is just a basic overview of the culture offered by the USA, and this Country is more than that; in case you want to explore it, then just make sure you visit the best places that this Country can offer, and also don't forget to taste the authentic delicacies of the USA. 

Best Locations to Visit in The USA: 

Although this place is full of gems, there are some that we want you to see at least once in your lifetime. The geographical location is quite big in the US, making this Country diverse. Everywhere, you will get to see some different hints. Every State has its own views and natural wonders. So, if we talk about the best locations in the USA, we will explain the best five according to our preferences. Our team tried to explore the various parts and places of this Country, and we have a list of those five, and they are as follows: 

New York City: 

We know one thing that most of you may know about this city because it is like the center of attraction for America. New York is also known as “The Big Apple”. Vibrant Metropolis area that offers a lot of attractions for you. Iconic Landmarks like Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Empire Building. Are you tired? No, this is not the right time because there are more places to visit here. Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Museum of Modern Art, and even more. To explore more, you can book a ticket too. 

Food to Try: 

New York Style Pizza- Joe's Pizza, Lombardi's 

Bagels- Ess-a-bagel, Russ and daughters 

Cheesecake- Junior's, Carnegie Deli

Street Food- Remember.


Chelsea Market 

Union Square Greenmarket 


Activities to do: 

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour 

Summit One Vanderbilt Experience

New York Hop On Hop Off Open Bus Tour 

New York Historical Society tour 


Grand Canyon: 

This natural wonder is no less than any heavenly place on this earth. Millions of people visit here every year. A beautiful landscape carved by the Colorado River offers more than a normal activity. Here you can hike, camp and raft too. With the stunning views and many activities to do here, the Grand Canyon has so much to offer, making this place a perfect spot to visit if you ever go to this beautiful Country. 

Food to Try: 

El Tovar Dining Room- steaks, seafood, southwestern Cuisine

Arizona Room- Navajo Tacos, Prickly Pear Margaritas


Small Shops and Trading Posts- American Arts, crafts, souvenirs.

Activities to do: 

Signature Hummer Tour 

Train Ride

South Rim Tour

Stargazing and camping

San Francisco: 

This place is a good mix of Victorian Architecture, hilly streets, and famous landmarks. Well, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and Haight Ashbury are some of the fine locations you can visit in this city. Not only this, but a cable car ride is a must if you ever visit the beautiful place.

In the end, to ace the experience, how can you miss a visit to Alcatraz Island. Make sure that you enjoy the local delicacies of this American part. 

Food to Try: 

Dungeness Crab- Local Seafood restaurants, 

Mission Burrito- La Taqueria, El Farolito

Ghirardelli Chocolate- Ghirardelli Square


Ferry Plaza Farmers Market 

Alemany Farmers Market

Activities to do: 

Golden Gate Bay Cruise 

Alcatraz with Muir Woods and Sausalito tour 

Yosemite and Giant Sequoia tour 

Wine Country Tour  

Yellowstone National Park: 


If you still need this gem, that will not be a justice to your American visit. This park is located in three states: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. But if we look at the majority of the part of this national park, then it is situated in Wyoming. This park is known for its geothermal wonders. Old Faithful Geyser, Colorful Hot Springs, and Bubbling Mud Pots are some of the main attractions of this place. Other than this geothermal wonder, this park has diverse wildlife, such as bears, wolves, herds of bison, and elk. So, put this location on your bucket list for your next American Adventure. 

Food to Try: 

Bison Burger- Local Restaurants within Park

Local Huckleberry Delights 

Outdoor Barbecues 


Small Gift Shops and Stores- Souvenirs, outdoor gear, books, regional products like huckleberry treats, and native american crafts.

Activities to do: 

Wildlife Sightseeing Tour  

Old Faithful Waterfalls and Wildlife Tour

Lamar Valley Wildlife Tour 

Hot Springs and Geyser Basins tour 

New Orleans: 

When there is talk about a vibrant city, rich history, distinct music scene, and unique culture, then there comes a picture in our mind, and that is of New Orleans. This is such a beautiful place. You can explore the French Quarter with its amazing architecture, lively jazz clubs, and renowned Cuisine here. The annual Mardi Gras Celebration and the lively street performances during Jazz Fest are necessary. With the amazing culture and so many things to do here, with the addition of delicious delicacies, you can mark this place as one of the best destinations to visit while being in America. 

Food to Try: 

Gumbo- Local Restaurants 

Jambalaya- Local Restaurants

Beignets- Cafe du Monde 


French Market 

Crescent City Farmers Market

Activities to do: 

Evening Riverboat Jazz Cruise 

Louisiana Airboat Tour 

Court of Two Sisters 

Oak Valley Plantation and swamp tour from New Orleans

Best Options to Explore from: 

Well, after all this research to make people aware of the places they can visit we have tried to help you a little bit more so that you don't face problems while you travel and it can go as smoothly as possible. Some of the best sites we have found for you are Expedia US, Kayak, Agoda, Hotwire, TripAdvisor, Priceline, and Booking.com. These sites are listed in our favorites as you can book a hotel, air journey, or car rental. So this makes the work easier for you as you can completely focus on your travel rather than doing complex bookings. 

Personal Recommendations: 

Although all the sites are good, we have marked two as our favorites: Expedia US and Kayak. We have tried to filter the results, and one of these two is our favorite choice: Expedia US. You can book your tickets, or you can book your hotel, or you can get the rental cars. This is a perfect site for your next trip to the USA. 


In the end, this Country is a place to be visited. The vastness of this Country is unique in itself. We have told you about some of the locations, but there are more that you can consider in this list. The USA has a diverse cultural range, so if you are looking for the best of the sites, this Country should be on your bucket list.

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